bonded sugar glidersIf you are getting another sugar glider to pair with your current glider you must quarantine the new glider for a week before introducing it to your glider to make sure that all other smells are gone and to ensure that the new glider is healthy. You can put the cages side by side and switch their blankets so they get used to each other’s smell and develop an interest in the glider next door. When it is time to introduce them put them in a neutral location that doesn’t have either of their smells and have a blanket or towel on hand in case a fight breaks out. If a fight does break out separate them and try again a few days later. Personally I put one glider in an enclosed space (like a small cage) inside the tent and let the other glider loose in the tent so that there is a barrier between the two but they can still interact with each other. That way in case a fight breaks out it is far easier to break them up and you don't risk them hurting each other. If they exhibit behavior such as crabbing, biting, fighting etc. they will not get along and have to be separated. If they exhibit behavior such as sniffing, rubbing against each other (called marking), or playing they will bond fine and can be put together.