I do not recommend the nail trimming sand paper for in your wheel. The sand paper is not only sanding their nails but also their feet. It wears down and damages the pads of their feet. If you have the time feel free to rub some sandpaper against your skin to see what it feels like. It hurts and if you sand skin for too long it removes your skin layers to the point that you can bleed. Sure it says you only put it in for a short period of time but their feet will still callous and harden over time. You can use baby nail clippers to trim your gliders nails but only clip off the very tips. Any more than that and you risk hitting the vein. If you do accidentally hit the vein just dab it with a dry cloth until it stops bleeding. If you accidentally clip off a toe please immediately see a vet. If you don’t want to trim their nails yourself your vet can trim them for you.nail trimming