bonding to your new sugar gliderWhen you first get a sugar glider leave it in the cage for the first week so that it can get used to its new home and get comfortable with the new noises and smells of its surroundings. You can take a shirt or one of their blankets and wear it on you for a few days then stick it in their cage or pouch so that they start to get used to your smell. You can also feed them treats during this time so that they will associate you with good things and will bond to you more easily. Sugar gliders associate friend from foe based on positive and negative impressions. Do NOT do anything that will associate you with bad things such as yelling, screaming, obnoxiously poking at the cage, abuse, punishment, etc. In order to gain their trust so that they will bond to you, you HAVE to take the trust bite. You need to show them that you are willing to trust them. If you pull away from the bite or show that you are scared or don't trust them they will not trust or bond to you. Don't worry the trust bite is only a pinch and usually doesn't even draw blood. Their crabbing is worse than their bite.

When you take your sugar glider out of its cage for playtime, use a room that is glider proofed. A glider proofed room should have nothing that can potentially harm or lead to an accident to the glider such as glass, vases, electrical cords, and other things that fall or break easily. Sugar gliders can't swim so also make sure there is nothing open that they can drown in such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs, aquariums, vases, etc. If you can’t effectively glider proof a room investing in a tent is a good alternative.sugar glider play tent