sugar gliderSugar gliders can make great pets and they do bond to you for life but you need to seriously think about whether or not you can meet their requirements and needs. Sugar gliders are EXPENSIVE, HIGH MAINTENANCE and LONG LIVED!!! If you can’t find the time or money to invest in a dog a sugar glider will not make a good pet for you because they require far more time, expenses and attention than a dog ever will. Many sugar gliders are victims of impulse buyers and end up in bad shape physically, mentally, and emotionally. Please do your research before thinking about buying a sugar glider.

Sugar gliders can live up to 15 years. That is a 15 year commitment!!! They are nocturnal meaning that they will only be out to play late evenings to early mornings and they love to make noise. They can and will occasionally bark all night long if they get bored. They sleep the rest of the time. They are a highly social species so they will need a friend so that they don’t get depressed. Depression and stress can kill a glider. You will need to commit several hours a day playing, socializing and bonding with your sugar gliders.

They require a large cage (minimum 2’x3’x5’) to glide and play around in. Their cage sets need to be made of fleece. They need a lot of toys that you rotate through so that they do not get bored. Many things are toxic to them.

Their diet is expensive and time consuming to make. Their HPW is expensive because it is imported from overseas. They have to have fresh organic fruits and vegetables. They also need to have live insects on a regular basis because of their high protein needs.

It is hard to find an experienced veterinarian that will work with them and even when you do find one it is very expensive to do their yearly health checks and various medical needs.

They cannot be potty trained so they will go to the bathroom on you and mark you. The males have a very strong musky scent that they give out when marking their territory.

Sugar gliders are not legal in all states. Please make sure that you research whether your sugar glider is legal in your state and what permits may be required to own them.