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Their main diet consists of insects, bird eggs, honey, flowers, fruits and vegetables. There are several approved glider diets. Below is the original HPW diet I would recommend.hpw

   Original High Protein Wombaroo Recipe

      3 cooked scrambled eggs

      2 cups warm water

      1 ½ cups raw and unfiltered honey

      ¼ cup of wombaroo (1/2 cup for breeding gliders)

      1 tablespoon bee pollen

Combine above ingredients and blend for about 5 minutes in a blender and put in the freezer. It should freeze to be about the consistency of ice cream.  

Each glider will be served the following:
     ~ 1 teaspoon HPW
     ~ 1 Tablespoon fruits
     ~ 1 Tablespoon vegetables

NO fruit pits, garlic, onions, chives, lima beans, rhubarb, catnip, chocolate, cheese, canned goods, seasonings, or coffee because they are toxic.

Some foods are high in phosphorous and low in calcium. This can be detrimental to your sugar glider's health because a calcium deficiency can lead to hind leg paralysis. Therefore you need to maintain a 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio when feeding your sugar gliders.

Another issue to avoid is that pet sugar gliders can easily gain too much weight due to high amounts of sugar or fat in their diet. Honey and nuts do make great bonding treats but shouldn't be fed on a daily basis because of their high amounts of sugar and fats. Wild sugar gliders consume 15-20% of their body weight but they also expend a lot of energy to find food and raise joeys. Pet sugar gliders don't need to consume as much food as a wild sugar glider because food is easily accessible and they don't expend nearly as much energy to find it. Nutritional imbalances can also occur when a sugar glider gets too picky on what food/treats it prefers. Sugar gliders need to have a large ever changing variety of food so that they don't fixate on one favorite food and leave the rest untouched. You can ensure that they get a proper balance of nutrients in their diet by routinely rotating through different varieties of food.

sugar glider eating cricketsugar glider eating pecanHoney, crickets, mealworms, yogurt drops, nuts, and flowers (see approved list for edible flowers in links) make for great bonding treats.