We are local hobby breeders located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Our names are Chelcee and Brenda. We are proud owners and breeders of sugar gliders since 2014. All of our sugar gliders are healthy, friendly, sociable, and (above all) spoiled on a daily basis. Our joeys are handled on a daily basis so that they will be friendly and social family pets. All of our sugar glider toys and fleece cage sets are handmade out of love for the comfort and enjoyment of our sugar gliders. We welcome visits to our home to see the sugar gliders. If you would like to see our gliders please contact us to set up an appointment.

    This site was made to provide sugar glider owners the information they need to know about proper sugar glider ownership and care as well as to offer products that will satisfy our glider’s spoiled needs. Sugar gliders are not good pets for everyone. They require a LOT of patience, time, commitment, and prior knowledge to successfully own and make an everlasting bond with a sugar glider. Please do some research before purchasing sugar gliders. Please also check your state’s laws regarding sugar glider ownership to make sure that sugar gliders are legal to own where you live and whether or not you will need special documents to own and breed them.

    Feel free to have a look around both our site as well as our Facebook page and contact us with any questions you may have. We will be more than happy to help and offer advice to those that need it.